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Pohon kamboja, khususnya kamboja berbunga putih (Plumeira alba), masih dipandang sebelah mata. Sebab, kebanyakan tanaman ini tumbuh di kuburan. Tidak jarang, orang menyebutnya sebagai bunga kuburan. Bunganya yang telah dikeringkan, lantas ditumbuk halus, banyak dipakai sebagai bahan baku wewangian, kosmetik, industri kerajinan dupa, spa, serta teh herbal. Untuk harga perkilo, kami tidak mematok harga paten dikarenakan harga yang tidak stabil dan berubah sewaktu-waktu. Jika anda berminat, silahkan hubungi kami atau jika anda ada di Banjarmasin, bisa datang langsung ke tempat kami.
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Dijual Rumah ada sarang Walet-Tulungagung

Dijual Rumah Murah ada sarang Walet lengkap Dengan Instalasi Speaker, lb 90m2 sarang walet 3x7m diatas ada kolam, rumah monyet untuk walet 2x2m. Harga 175juta tanpa perantara Bila ada yang berminat langsung hubungi kami
Dikirim oleh : Rumah Murah, Bangoan kedungwaru Tulungagung, 081351015777 | Kunjungi Website

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Gold and GemStone Mining Inc. Rubber Stamps Joint-Venture Deal Alongside
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Gold and GemStone Mining, Corp. Confirms JV Deal Including Sierra
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Trade Date: March, 4th
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Trading Date: March, 4th
Name: Gold & GemStone Mining, Inc.
Ticker Symbol: GG S_M
Currently traded: .017
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Date: March, 4th
Name: Gold and GemStone Mining Inc
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Increase In Revenue A Sign of Growth

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Trading Date: Monday, March 4th, 2013
Symbol to buy: GGS M
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Gains Early Morning On Breaking News

This Stock is showing similar pattern just like last Rally!!!
Strong news and a scintillating chart could spell breakout!!!

Trading Date: Monday, March 4th
Tick: G GSM
Current price: 0.017
Short Term Target Price: 0.20

Pre Announcement. This Company Receives Buy Rating From 6 Different

Gaining Momentum and Story

Shocking Discovery Revealed Tomorrow! This stock is Bubbling Up!!!

Date: Mar 4th
Company Name: Gold & GemStone Mining, Inc
Symbol to buy: G_G_S_M
Get it at: $.017
Short Term Target Price: $0.35

Congrats Again. It Has One Of The Best Charts Of The Year!

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